PMJF Lion. Dr. S. Ramamoorthiy hails from an Agricultural Family. He is a philanthropist, great visionary, humble and compassionate. He is an embodiment of all virtues. His involvement in serving the society with a human approach is well received appreciated, and glorified by the society.

From his early days onwards he firmly believes that Education alone will change the life of a person as the prosperity lies there. To fulfill his vision of reaching out the unreached and to provide modern education, with a journey started two decades ago, Sowdambikaa Group of Schools, today is having many schools and colleges with a strength of 30000 students and they are guided/motivated by 2900 Teachers.

He leads by example. He is admired by Teachers and staff. He is a loveable person to parents and students. Now JJ College of Engineering & Technology, Trichy is managed by Sowdambikaa Group of Schools, under his able leadership. Dr. S. Ramamoorthiy is a multifaceted personality and his quest for imparting knowledge through education is continuing, and miles to go before he fullfils his vision.